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3. Who is responsible for the survey?

Ipsos MORI, an independent research agency, conducts the NSS.

The survey has been commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) on behalf of the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW), the Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland (DEL), Health Education Englandand National College for Teaching and Leadership. These bodies have a statutory role in ensuring the quality of teaching in Higher Education is assessed, and believe that students' views should form an important part of the assessment. Institutions in Scotland and some private providers are responsible for their own involvement.

The project is overseen by the Higher Education Public information Steering Group (HEPISG), which is chaired by Professor Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University.

The survey is fully supported by the National Union of Students (NUS), NUS-Wales, and NUS-USI.

All work undertaken by Ipsos MORI is carried out in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

The Ipsos MORI research team is led by Sami Benyahia, Director of Higher Education Research.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the National Student Survey (NSS)?
  2. How are the survey results used?
  3. Who is responsible for the survey?
  4. When and how does the survey take place?
  5. Who will be asked to take part in the survey?
  6. What is being asked in the survey?
  7. Who has access to eligible students' contact details?
  8. Are my responses anonymous?
  9. How do I take part in the survey?
  10. Can I select my preferred method of re-contact for completing the survey?
  11. Can I opt-out of the survey?
  12. How long will Ipsos MORI be holding the students' contact details? When will the data be destroyed?
  13. Where did Ipsos MORI get my contact details from?
  14. I have already completed the survey and I recently received a reminder. Do I have to complete it again?
  15. I am not a final year student and I received an invitation to take part in the NSS. Should I take part in the survey?
  16. I completed the survey in 2013 - why have I been asked to fill it in again?
  17. How have the survey results from the previous nine years been used?
  18. Why have I been asked different questions to other people?
  19. Is it possible to change or withdraw my survey responses?
  20. I have tried to complete the survey online, but it does not recognise me as eligible?
  21. What were the results of the 2013 survey?
  22. What is the Intentions After Graduation Survey (IAGS)?